From a very young age, just 10 years old, Luismi GARAYAR had already come into contact with the world of meat when his parents, who were also butchers, used to take him to Tolosa Market. It was there where he started to discover a world that would later become one of his great passions. At the age of 14, with a clear idea of what trade he wanted to do, he decided to start work at Rentería food market, a job that he actually enjoyed like a hobby.
Several years later, he followed his career at the family butcher's, in Rentería. He was in charge of carefully choosing the produce he was going to sell, because
the quality of the product has always been very important to Luismi. At that time, he sourced his stock from various farmhouses in Gipuzkoa.
In his awareness of the demand at that time, even more so for the star product "beef", he made the move to Galicia and started to commercialise Galician meat.
After his experience in this new area, and in his conviction that Galician meat is an outstanding product that is great value for money compared to the rest, he decided to focus exclusively on this product. It was then, in the year 2000, that he created the company CÁRNICAS LUISMI.

Since then, Luismi has always sought to ensure the highest quality standards of the product in the domestic market and he has included the Asturian cow in the offer, which has received an excellent response.
CÁRNICAS LUISMI is a cold-storage platform specialising in providing a service to the meat and catering sectors (Grills, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.). It has gained an image of reliability and prestige based on quality and service to its customers. Its main objective is customer satisfaction, and therefore, Luis Miguel travels to Galicia and Asturias with his son Ander on a weekly basis to personally select the best product. Tender, tasty meat, for the most demanding palates.