Top loin T-bone steak
Top loin T-bone steak
Top loin fillet steak
Low loin fillet steak
Cow's tail
Beef cheeks
Tips on preparing a T-bone steak
Choosing the product (remember that quality Spanish meat is very good value for money).
We recommend you pack the T-bone steaks individually (a process we carry out for you, cutting the meat with a knife and the bone with a saw).
If the steaks we serve are going to be packed in the cold store for more than 4 or 5 days, we recommend freezing them to ensure the steak does not change colour due to the vacuum packing.
Remove the steak from the cold store 24 hours before you cook it and leave it at 20 - 25 degrees.
Do not remove the vacuum pack until 1 hour before you cook the steak, this way you will ensure that the cut of meat remains fresh and it will look like a recently cut steak.
Use a smooth-edged knife (a serrated knife will rip the meat).